Wayne and Al arriving early to get things started

Gentlemen – Start your engines.

Bill asking John for a ride

John said “NO WAY” so Bill walks

The participants: Old and scruffy – but still competitive.

First foursome off the tee: Marc, Bill, Dennis, and Jack

Second foursome: John, Cheesey, Wayne, and Al

Third foursome (minus 1): Gary, Bruce, and Bob

Dennis on his first drive: two and a half yards.

Al picking up his cigar.

Then it was party time

After the tournament, everyone went back to Al’s Little Nashville for pizza, wings, and beer.  The pizza and wings were a little late because Marc thought he was ordering from a Welland store but when they went to pick it up they learned that he had actually ordered it from a Fonthill store. However, the food eventually arrived and everyone had a great time. Hopefully we’ll get a bigger turnout next time – and the pizza and wings will be on time.

Steve Lavey (left) didn’t golf but showed up for the party afterwards.

I think Al was defending his score claiming he did not cheat.