Cottage Week-end

Cottage week-end

Yet another "smart" move by 6 of our adventurous Brothers.  After Al Cherish’s stag, Al wanted to go up to his cottage on lake Wahwashkesh near Whitestone Ontario. Can you believe it - after a night of drinking, 6 people in 2 cars, at 3:00 am, driving 400 km (4.5 hrs) only to have breakfast, go for a swim and race back to the Rex for last call and pizza.

Left to right in the picture below: Al Cherish, Paul Olah, John Kuruziak, Denis Hughes, Butch Cowell, and Ross Boreham. They appear to be sober here - they're lucky to have survived. They have all been nominated for The Dumbest Event of the 60's trophy to be awarded next year at our reunion dinner.