Frat meeting #1 February 22, 2018

Wayne & Bill




Bob & Garry




A meeting was held at Mike's house on February 22, 2018 to discuss the future plans for Upsilon Psi Omega. The agenda was:

  1. The development of the Frat web site (purpose and future content)
  2. Possible events such as reunion, golf tournament, etc.
  3. How to locate and engage original members (currently there are 79 on the list - not including the 2nd generation members from the 70's)
  4. Consume as much beer, pizza, and wings as possible in the three hours allowed for the meeting.

The site was reviewed and agreed that we would develop more Frat stories and make a few format improvements to the site. It was recognized that the site is a "work in progress" and more content and improvements would be ongoing.

Future possible events were discussed but no specific plans were made. It was agreed that the golf tournament would take priority.

Gary, Marcel, Bob, and Paul were each assigned a group of original Frat members to make contact or get current contact information.

In keeping with the Frat's tradition, the remaining two and a half hours was spent drinking and eating.


  • Mike Addario
  • Gary Babin
  • Bill Berencsi
  • Bob Dixon
  • Wayne Gale
  • Marcel Litalien
  • Paul Olah
  • Cheesy Rodrigue