Left: 2006 Rebirth

This is a picture of a meeting held at Little Nashville in 2006 where these visionary gentlemen decided to revive Upsilon Psi Omega and encourage the "old" frat brothers to regroup and relive the 60's.

Right: 7 April 2018:

Front Row L to R: Wayne Gale, Butch Cowell, Al Chernish, Marcel Litalien.  Middle Row L to R: Cheezey Rodrigue, Bob Dixon, Wayne Labatt, Barry Wells, Bill Berencsi. Back Row L to R: Mike Addario, Bruce Coring, Ross Boreham, Paul Olah.


Saturday Get Together March 3, 2018

Around the table - left to right

1. Matt Mihaljev (Infiltrator from Sigma Phi Zeta)
2. Dennis Zatychies
3. Bill Dutrizac
4. Wayne Gale
5. John Kuruziak
6. Barry Wells
7. Bob Dixon
8. Bill Berencsi
9. Marcel Litalien
10. Gary Babin
11. Cheesey Rodrigue
12. Mike Addario
Photo by Steve Burnside

Pic 3


Big Al wants YOU to come to his seventieth Birthday Party at Little Nashville.


The whole family singing Happy Birthday Grandpa Al.


The party was done right with decorations and great food and drink. However, more cake would have been nice.


Ron Murray's going away party held at Little Nashville on November 23, 2013. Ron moved to East Coldstream NB. Back row – left to right: Al Chernish, Tom Wells, Jack Litalien, Dennis S, Marcel Litalien, John Kuruziak, Bob Dixon, Barry Wells, Bill Dutrizac. Front Row – left to right: Giles (Cheezy) Rodrigue, Wayne Gayle, Ron Murray, Gary Babin. Below is Ron's going away "Happy Trails" cake.

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